October, 2011 Digest

2011-10-19 07:52:38 by Zealon

Well, my absence from Newgrounds for the past couple of years was mainly due to projects that I had been working on, away from the music and flash scene.

Instead, I, as well as many others, have all been working on re-writing an entire database for our servers, of which we can host our current web and private servers, as well as future developments, with ease.

Our main development right now is with an OpenGrid version of SecondLife; although with everything on that at a stand-still as we wait for our users to finish the Beta Test stage and give us feedback, we've been working on a private server for the MMORPG Rappelz; we have been working hard at it, as well as scripting all of the updates and in-game tools, such as Guilds and Image uploads in an easy HTML file, so that if we ever need to change something; we can change it directly from the one of many files we've named under .html.

(e.g: guild.html, party.html, serverinfo.html, etc)

Bellow you can find the full digest of our project with the Rappelz Private Server, in-case this sparks the interest of anyone willing to participate.

October, 2011 Digest

Starting from October 15th (passed), the Rappelz server by Sisyn Networks will go live once again; this time with more features and a total new look!

Back in September the servers were switched offline indefinitely due to issues regarding the database and amount of bandwidth it chewed up from our two server terminals at the time; in result being accessible only by developers that had access to the database in order to log themselves in.

Since then, dramatic changes have been made and many new features have been installed, along with further Epic VII support... It's not yet entirely done, or perfect, but it is getting there, slowly but surely.

Bellow you will find the new features added to the server as well as a change log for the new release.

New Features

- Master Classes
- New Pets (Unicorn & Nightmare)
- New Decorative Items
- Pet Skills Revamp
- Hidden Village Scrolls

Change Log

- Server switched to Epic VI: Part 2
- Witch Quest Added
- NPCs moved to Hidden Village
- Cubes added to Miscellaneous NPCs
- Better, Longer Buffs added to Druid Kart
- Temple of the Ancients mobs fixed
- Sancutary Flowers fixed
- Temple of Exile and Temple of Lost Souls mob Upgrade
- Bleeding skill for Fanatics added
- Auction House fixed

Noticably, the NPCs which you would obtain specialized armor, weapons and consumables from have been moved from their usual locations around each town in Rappelz, to one easy to reach place: Hidden Village.

To get to Hidden Village, go to a Hidden Village Teleporter and choose the option 'What is a Hidden Village pass?' as it will open up a vendor, enabling you to purchase Hidden Village for just under 20 million Rupees.

From there, travel to the center of Hidden Village, where you will find the custom made NPCs scattered around the platform.

Also, by the popularity of GM buffs, we have decided to script our server in refreshing your buffs every time you login to your character(s), it also affects pets, but only if they're already summoned as you login; if you want your pets to have the superb buffs, simply summon it, log out and log back in... Hey Presto!

Known Bugs

- As we know it, White Dragon skills are still bugged and are NOT to be used; please refrain from taming them.

- Death Tyrant, Astarot and Ent models appear invisible or do not render properly.

- Hidden Village NPCs (Custom) do not open up their vendors, we're working on this issue as fast as we can, as they are the main attraction to the server.

Please remember that this server is still in early development and crashes, glitches and numerous other problems that occur are a likely hood; until we begin working on an overhaul for Epic VII, where we will try to introduce durability and staged pets.

As of right now, durability is bugged and has been hidden from public reach, until a solution comes around in fixing the bugs.

Official Webpages

Sisyn Networks (Official)

(We're currently working on re-writing the HTML for both sites, so please excuse the messy and basic style of the pages.)

This Document is to be updated later, with further changes and details; it's just I wanted people to understand the projects we're currently working on.

Feel free to comment and give us suggestions, ask questions and get to know what exactly we're doing, away from Newgrounds.

October, 2011 Digest


2010-11-14 11:35:28 by Zealon

Well, I've decided to put a halt to all progress I was aiming to get done for Newgrounds, instead due to complications in reality and being unable to focus on things too much, I've decided just to make quick videos of games on YouTube.

Although, hopefully in future I should have enough time to start, or continue work on Newgrounds, since I looked at my submissions on here and I wasn't impressed, most of my music work and flash are just stored away somewhere in my Hard-Drive collecting dust.

However, I would like to use my Newgrounds Account as a Blog / Update Page for things I'm doing, which eventually I'll get to the point I'll do some work on here, rather than just uploading pointless short videos on YouTube.

I do have in mind a few things I want to do, one thing being some Flash Videos about life and such, but alas since my time is consumed mostly by work and issues going on in my life, I've not really got the time to sit down and work on something which would take up a whole day or two... If I were to work on something, it would most likely take me a couple of months to complete, which I may attempt doing, just I prefer getting it all done on the spot, as opposed to doings bits and pieces here and there.

Any-who, I just wanted to update my NG Posts, so bellow are some things that I will aim to work on while life is hectic, as of right now things I make are poor and not that decent, but I am hoping as time progresses I'd of learnt to improve things, which is where the people of the internet come in, to criticize me about my work and what I can do to improve things, just remember I'm not superman and can't change over night. -- Perhaps it's not a good idea for me to look to the internet for advice... With all these trolls running around... Hmm... Oh well!

Music (Techno, Dubstep, etc.)
Flash (Parodies, Interpretations, Horror, etc.)

Gaming Videos
Music Videos
1080p High Definition Quality

General Life Updates
Living with Atheism in mind and Anarchy at hand.
Discussing Real Life issues

Developing in-world. (Scripting, Building, etc.)
Helping and tutoring others.
Introducing ideas and other helpful things to people.

Honestly, that's a lot to be doing while I'm stretched for time, but hey, I want to do something in my leisure time, but I aim to get things done, even if it's after years and years of progressing, I want to get my media skills up to a decent standing. -- Right now most of my work is being done on YouTube and SecondLife.

For me, SecondLife is merely a development platform, nothing more. -- I go on there to put my scripting skills to instant use, as their scripting language makes things quick and easy and you can get what you want done in pretty much no time at all. -- However, I am also going to be working on making weapons, clothing, etc.

Anyway, all of this text is probably boring you by now and you're probably thinking what a wanker I am, but hey! -- I just like keeping people up to date, whether I know them or not, even if it is just over petty things.

A New Interest

2008-03-18 14:26:53 by Zealon

As of the 12th of March, I got some money for my birthday of which I put forward into buying a copy of the MAGIX(2008) Music Studio.

I will be uploading previews and loops to my NG profile as time goes on; but it won't be permanent, as I have to continue with my Computer Engineering and Computer Physics studies.

I am back.

2008-01-11 05:39:55 by Zealon

Dear all,

I have been away from Newgrounds for quite a while due to being busy with other things both Offline and Online.

Most of last year I was either playing MMORPGs, working on SecondLife or doing stuff offline which is why I have been absent most of last year. This year I will be a bit more active than I was because I have been on Newgrounds every day so far listening to various tracks by the users while working on some projects in SecondLife (I just never bothered to login into NG).

I won't make too big of a fuss about me returning so I'll just type up what I will be doing in Newgrounds this year.

First of all I will try to make some submissions of my own (If I ever get a system like fruity loops and learn how to use Flash), because I've been a registered user for nearly two years (Maybe more) and have not submitted anything what-so-ever, so I will try to get round to doing that.

I will also be sticking to what I always used to do, and that is to submit reviews on the submissions in the Audio Portal, speaking the truth about what I really think about them, and what they can improve on.

I have many other ideas in my head that I might or might not do in the future in newgrounds, but I am not sure on if I will get round to doing them yet.

Anyways, I will be reviewing, downloading and rating a lot this year because I need something to do.

I wish all of you a happy new year.